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Master Plan Supporters - July 2009 APPROVAL - HAS ARRIVED

Crystal Palace Park, after so many years in the preparation, will have a 'new life'. Remember that this is an outline application so that the design and financing and consultation will start up again but this time it will centre around real change.

Master Plan Supporters

Master Plan supporters outside the Inquiry hall - July 2009

Today in the park - 9th April 2012

wet April pictures

Park News in pictures....

Today, 9th April 2012...a throroughly wet day in Crystal Palace Park, around 3pm. This view of the Paxton Axis walk doesn't exactly show a teeming crowd jostling for a space on this grand avenue. However, lurking to the photographer's right is a freshly painted information centre, functioning toilets nearby and, far ahead, a very spruce Paxton bust (newly cleaned). Credit to Bromley Council for keeping good works, although on a small scale, going....

Hopefully, after the Judicial Challenge verdict is announced tomorrow (we've been told), good works may be able to move at a faster pace.

Super New Ticket Office - Crystal Palace Station - September 2012

Crystal Palace Station
Our super new ticket office

notice of new ticket office


Bromley Council - Crystal Palace Park Mangement Board:

List of people selected.... congratulations

Crystal Palace Park - website

PARK NEWS(April 2012)PAGE.....go to master plan documents (to N51)

- Olympic Torch in the park
- a clean Joseph Paxton
- a clean Information Centre
- Museum wo
- Crystal Place Statio
n works

.....and some pictures.....

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