(L.46) Crystal Palace Park - SUPPORTING THE MASTER PLAN (at the Inquiry of July 2009)

At the pre-Inquiry meeting, a significant issue was made clear namely that people other than the "Rule 6" protagonists could speak if they wished...' . This is an important feature of the Inquiry and it also allows for "representation", rather than individuals appearing and speaking themselves.

The programme form for speakers and others has a section (Item 4) to nominate a representative. This is done primarily to reduce repetition of the same points and hence to save Inquiry time.

If you would like me (Ray Sacks, Chair Crystal Palace Campaign) to speak as your representative, I would be happy to do so. You will need to nominate me to speak on your behalf. I will simply speak in support of the proposed scheme along the lines indicated in previous statements and Campaign Bulletins using the facts of the scheme and expressing the desire not to miss this "chance of a generation" to make our Park the marvellous, welcoming place it should be. The principle aim is to urge the Inquiry Officer to recommend its acceptance by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon John Denham MP (replacing Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP).

The more people I represent at the inquiry, the better. So please do consider giving me your mandate. It's easy to do.

Here's how: Fill in the "Programming Form" (DOWNLOAD form below) nominating me as your representative and send it by post or email to Chris Banks (of Persona - who are organising the Inquiry on behalf of the Planning Inspectorate) and send me a copy by post or email so I can keep track.

Chris Banks (Programme Officer)

Persona Associates
West Point
Springfield Road
West Sussex RH12 2PD
Tel: 01403 253148
Fax: 01403 217790
Mobile: 07817 322750

Ray Sacks (Chair Crystal Palace Campaign)

1 Mowbray Road
Upper Norwood
London SE19 2RJ
Email: crystal@crystalpalacecampaign.org

Programming Form

Fill in (as well as other required details):

Item 4 - Representative:
Name: Ray Sacks
Address: 1 Mowbray Road, Upper Norwood London SE19 2RJ
Telephone: 07951 750 666
Item 7:
Cross in the box (or type YES) to indicate SUPPORT for the Scheme.


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