(N28) - Crystal Palace Corner Project - report 1 June 2008 - by Ray Sacks

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Corner Plinth - July 2007 corner plinth, base | Alastair and John - Alastair Cameron and John Greatrex (Joseph Paxton Society) | Corner Plinth - May 2008 corner plinth and top section | Corner Erected - corner complete on plinth with top section bolted in place | Corner & Mast - half the size of the mast? | Corner & Park - corner nestled in place | Avenue of Neighbours - trees along the ridge near the corner

Adam Hart Davis - BBCAfter appearing in What the Victorians Did For Us (Adam Hart Davis, pictured here), the reproduction of a section of the Crystal Palace building - known as the Crystal Palace Corner - is now standing proudly where the Sydenham Crystal Palace once was. Its official "opening" is next Saturday (7 June 2008) and it is likely to stand there for quite a while...it looks rather good!
Well done to John Greatrex who has shepherded the project along.

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