(N35) London Football Clubs - 24 January 2011 by Ray Sacks

Map of London Football Clubs - main protagonists in Olympic Legacy saga

London map of football stadiums

The complex matter of deciding which bid will succeed in developing the Olympic Stadium for a permanent home of sport, after the Games of 2012 are over, will end on 28th January 2011. Will it be Tottenham Hotspurs or West Ham? What role might Leyton Orient play since they are the closest club to the stadium? Will all this effect the bid of Crystal Palace FC to take over the athletics stadium in Crystal Palace Park as their permanent home?

It's theoretically possible that neither of the bids will succeed, then it's 'back to the drawing board'.

Question: which of the past Olympic Stadiums have been successful in surviving independently of government finance? Most are simply (expensive) tourist attractions, so maybe sensible financial arrangements will triumph over wishful thinking.

Watch this space!

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24/1/2011 Last updated 24/1/2011