(N39) Store plans expansion if Palace leave Selhurst - Croydon Advertiser Friday 25th February 2011

Store plans expansion if Palace leave Selhurst

SUPERMARKET giant Sainsbury's has not ruled out expanding if Crystal Palace leave Selhurst Park

The Eagles are seeking a move back to their spiritual home at Crystal Palace Park.

Last week, the Advertiser reported how Palace co-chairman Steve Parish (pictured) hinted at a public meeting that Sainsbury's could look to expand if Selhurst Park is sold.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's said:

"We are always looking to improve the shopping experience for our customers and as neighbours to Crystal Palace Football Club, we are exploring opportunities for our Selhurst Park store."

Under council planning rules, the land on which Selhurst Park stands must be used for activities involving leisure or similar, even after it is sold off.

But Mr Parish has previously told the Advertiser that he believes the council will help Crystal Palace by offering to lift this restriction, if that is needed to ensure the sell-off goes ahead.

Steve Parish jnt chair CPFC

CO-CHAIRMAN: Steve Parish

Meanwhile, Mr Parish has said he doesn't want to build a "concrete and steel shed" if the club moves to Crystal Palace Park.

He added: "Architecturally we would like to put something in there that paid a little bit of homage to what was there before. "

[Ed: Mr parish - "Architecturally......a little bit of homage to what was there before."

A puzzling statement which does not make sense since 'what was there before', at least for the first FA cup finals at Crystal Palace Park was a football field surrounded by a vast grassy area and a pavilion which could only house about 3000 people. The popularity of the event and the venue was demonstrated by the sometimes huge crowds who watched the match - over 100,000 standing on the grass on some occasions.

The Pavilion was hardly an architectural marvel and would not grace a Garde II* listed park.

Note: Lots of information in the book "To the Palace for the Cup" - see LI-3 'Football at the Palace' for information.]

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