(N45) Notes on Team Brazil at the NSC for Olympics 2012 - 1 May 2011 by Ray Sacks


It is expected that the formal announcement will be made this weekend, but the evidence, following weeks of rumours is obvious for all to see. Well done to the NSC for persuading Brazil to use the NSC, good luck to Brazil and...a great boon for Crystal Palace.

Van installing flags Brazil notice in place
Brazil entrance notice at NSC Brazil dog

I was ambling past the NSC this Friday morning and came across these workman erecting flags and notices. The message is clear although the formal announcement will be made later this weekend. Crystal Palace Park has fabulous facilities with almost everything needed on one site - an excellent track, indoor gym-training, an Olympic standard swimming pool and vollyball space etc. The Brazil team came 23rd in the table of 87 medal winners in the 2008 Beijing games with a gold in each of the womens long jump, 50m womens freestyle swimming and womens volleyball. They will be seeking to improve on that especially since the 2016 Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro.

Ed: On the signs the spelling is Brasil (the Portugese spelling) - in UK English we usually use Brazil. Also... "Time" is, evidently, the word used for "Team".

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17/4/2011 Last updated 09/06/11