(N47) 20th May 2011 Conference on Crystal Palace Park

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A little bit of history: The Park Working Group (PWG) was set up after the Nigel Westaway facilitated process ended and the Master Plan was submitted to Bromley Council. The new group although not being a continuation of the old process did consist of many of its members - the difference being that it was organised and largely sponsored by the amenity groups. The principle was not to leave a gap in communications between the main stakeholders; the fear being that if we just went away hoping for the best, the worst would probably happen... another developer, another long campaign.

The Master Plan for Crystal Palace Park (CPP) was passed by Bromley Council in December 2008 and is currently waiting on an application for judicial review - see news item N48-Judicial review.

The meetings of the PWG proved successful in achieving the goal of stakeholder communication and, with the potential of the Master Plan having been largely accepted as a "go-by" even though it wasn't officially on the books, it was decided to begin a move towards considering the governance of CPP more seriously. At the conference we planned to review where we are, take abnother look at the Master Plan (through the chief planners) and its implications, take a walk around the park for those who were not aware of CPP issues and hear from the company who produced management schemes for the Master Plan. Having enjoyed great weather the 70 or so participants were really excited to hear the talk by Marc Hume (Bromley Council - Director of Renewal and Recreation) who suggested that Bromley were keen to set up a project group to formally investigate governance.

20th May Conference Record (originally produced on a CD)*

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0_Notes on the contents (0.5 MB)20 May - Contents
1_Timetable (26kB)20 May - Timetable
2_Peter Austin Introduction (56kB) 20 May - Introduction
3_Jo Gibbons (Landscape Architect) (61.9 MB) 20 May - Jo Gibbons
4_Malcolm Woods (English Heritage) (20.9 MB) 20 May - Malcolm Woods
5_Tilman Latz (Latz and Partner - Master Planners) (4.6 MB) 20 May - Tilman Latz
6_Helen Neve (Landscape Management Services Ltd) (1.9 MB) 20 May - Helen Neve
7_Marc Hume (Bromley Council - Director of Renewal and Recreation) (13.8 MB) 20 May - Marc Hume
8_Alister Hayes (Heritage Co-ordinator, London Borough of Bromley) (4.7 MB) 20 May - Alister Hayes
9_Conference notes (includes speaking summary) (126 kB)20 May - Conference notes
10_Ray Sacks - Chair Summary (66kB) 20 May - Ray Sacks
11_Conference Attendance List (28kB) 20 May - Attendance
12_CPP - walking tour map (1.9 MB) 20 May - Map
13_CPP - pictures (22 MB) 20 May - Pictures
14_Chiswick House (video) (19 MB) 20 May - Chiswick House
Cover of CD - graphics 1.6 MB) 20 May - CD graphics

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