(N50) Bromley Council - Proposals for a Project Management Board for Crystal Palace Park (October 2011)


Council proposes new governance approach for Crystal Palace park


At the Park Working Group conference of the 20th May 2011, Bromley Council proposed a scheme to investigate and recommend a governance structure for Crystal Palace Park. This could take a number of forms many of which were desribed in the Master Plan - Management and Maintenance Plan developed by Land Management Services Ltd. (go to the one-stop-shop, see Item 6).

The formal proposal for Bromley Council to consider was first put before the

Environment Policy development and Scrutiny Committee - on the 4th October 2011, then

Renewal and Recreation Committee 11th October 2011 and, finally,

Executive Committee 19th October 2011 (7:00 pm Bromley Civic Centre).

Five months after the idea was first mooted in public, and after a lot of background work by Bromley Council, the proposal may finally come to fruition. This has important implications for the regeneration of Crystal Palace Park for it should help Bromley Council by providing a mechanism for improving the management and funding of the park.

This is the proposal before the council: project board proposal

This is the diagram on the inter-related parts of the project team: project board proposal - team links

The Crystal Palace Campaign in its Core Principles: campaign core principles, item 4, looked towards the long term involvement of the community in the park - perhaps this new approach of Bromley Council may move us closer to that goal.


Application Form

There are many talented people in the community with a variety of expertise in areas which would be relevant to the Management Board - your Park needs you! There is now an extended time to apply.....to 13th January.


David Johnston
Timothy Bellenger
Martin Tempia - Chair
Keith Adams
Ray Sacks
Victoria Papworth - Vice Chair
Murray Smith
Lucy Hopkins
Annabel Sidney
Mehul Damani

There was a good response to the request for applications to participate in this work. I believe about 30 people applied originally; 16 were chosen for interview and 11 were selected by:

Community Links Bromley

The first somewhat informal meeting was held on Thursday 23rd February 2012 and the next is planned for the second week in March. With a planned one year schedule, there is no time to waste and the enthusiasm to get on with the job shown at the meeting was quite refreshing.

The people selected have a wide range of experience and skills suitable to carry forward the debate and resolution of the continued governance of the park, its funding and the role it plays in the neighbourhood and further afield. It was quite clear at the first get together that the group would not suffer from the negativity which some local people cannot escape from and which will no longer be a drag on the deliberations.

One element of the activity of the group is communication with the people who care about and use the park - expect to hear more on this....

[Ed: also see the Bromley Council website]


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