(N51) PARK NEWS - 9 April 2012

OLYMPIC TORCH ROUTE in Crystal Palace Park

running the torch through the park for the olympics



Undoubtedly there is a smile on his face. After all these years looking despairing, he looks almost like he's just had a shave! Compare this image to that on our HOME page, taken some years ago - great change.

Joseph Paxton CPP bust cleaned April2012

A clean - newly painted INFORMATION CENTER (Penge entrance)

A new coat of paint on the Information Centre has made a great difference - that and the fact that the nearby Ladies and Gents seem to be functioning properly. Only thing missing - a sign saying "Info Centre - Welcome" - but I wouldn't want to be too pernickety.

Information centre recently painted


A scaffolding has been up for a week or two - I assume a new roof is about to be installed (again)... but I could be wrong - will have more information in due course.

scaffolding at the museum - roof repairs (again)


I am told that work is going on apace on the old ticket hall - could tyhis have something to do with the Olympics? Even the lifts are due to be fitted...

refurbishment works at Crystal Palace  Station


Joseph's bust may have been cleaned up but, alas, the concrete and steel stuff behind him still remains. A truly miserable entrance (especially on a wet day) towards the magnificent Nationasl Sports Centre.

Concrete around the Joseph Paxtn bust

Here he is again, Joseph Paxton... bright and clean, but alas, surroiunded by too much steel.

Area behind Josarea behind Jossteel around JPeph Paxton bust

The grand Paxton axis - looks great even in the wet weather. The concrete mess at the high point in the distance will go one day!

Paxtons walk wet April


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