(N57) 26 October 2012 - Crystal Palace Park - The Future
Community Conference

The Future - a conference arranged and sponsored by:

The May Conference in 2010 set the scene for a new round of cooperation between Bromley Council, the local community and the GLA. The traumatic recent period of uncertainty in th economy lead to much change, in the GLA particularly. The conference provided some surprises including the talk by Fiona Fletcher-Smith who outlined what was termed the TEN POINT PLAN. The prospect of new funding from the GLA with the possible addition of Heritage Lottery funding and a chip-in from Bromley Council was suggested.

These notes, including some of the speaker details, are a record of the conference since no formal minutes were taken. The talks promoted lively exchanges especially since there is now the prospect of something positive happening in the path to regenerating the Crystal Palace Park.

26th October 2012 - Conference Record (originally produced on a CD)*

Links to all the documents on the CD:

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0_Notes on the contents (0.8 MB)20 May - Contents
1_Agenda Crystal Palace Conference 2012 (104 kB)20 May - Timetable
2_Ray Sacks introduction (416 kB) 20 May - Introduction
3_Peter Austin introduction(44 kB) 20 May - Jo Gibbons
4_Fiona Fletcher-Smith presentation (8.5 MB) 20 May - Malcolm Woods (10-Point Plan)
5_Jennifer Ulman presentation (1.9 MB) 20 May - Tilman Latz
6_Tony Leach presentation (4.1 MB) 20 May - Helen Neve
7_Conference notes 26 October 2013(28 kB) 20 May - Marc Hume
8_Conference attendance list(36 kB) 20 May - Alister Hayes
9_Crystal Palace Park leaflet (648 kB)20 May - Conference notes
Cover of CD - graphics (0.48 MB) 20 May - CD graphics

*CD originally produced by Bromley Council - copies may still be available.

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