(N59) 3 October 2013 - MORE NEWS About Crystal Palace Park new proposals

Many of the details of the proposed ZhongRong development were given at the press conference in the Park today (3rd October 2013)- it was held by ZhongRong and Arup. About 80 members of the press were present and after a significant opening by the Mayor Boris Johnson, heard Mr Ni Zhaoxing expand on his vision for the new building - it was impressive.

There were some protesters standing outside the marquee as well as some expected heavy security.

Now the word is official and it is clear that the many rumours heard over the last couple of months regarding this development have substantially been correct.

However, this could prove to be a huge success for the park and the area - we will have to see exactly how the work towards the planning application and the promised consultation develops in the next year.

In a conversation with Jerome Frost, who is leading the Arup team, following the press conference he explained the discussions and consultations with the local community when the Olympic Park was being built. His experience with that project and its successful outcome augurs well for the Crystal Palace venture.

Take a look at the details now on their website: http://www.thelondoncrystalpalace.com/


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3/10/13 Last updated 3/10/13