(N65) ZhongRong-Arup Consultation - 10 December 2013 onwards

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Press day

Thursday, 3rd October on the Lower Terrace 0930 for 1000. Media must pre-register.
"ambitious plans to restore Crystal Palace Park". MORE...

MUCH MORE - NEWS from TODAY(2/10/13)

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Engagement date

ZhongRong Drop-in Session
Tuesday 10th December 2013

at Living Water Satisfies Cafe

2pm - 8 pm More...

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

What is the proposed timetable? What are the contents of the building? Will it be a replica of the Sydenham Crystal Palace? How will the architectural competition be setup? To what brief? How will the final submissions be judged? What are the community sections of the building? When will the park MasterPlan remnants be started? When will the trust be setup? How much say will the local community have in all of this? How will it effect current regeneration funding?... more specific...how will local traffic be effected? How will local businesses be impacted? How many jobs will be created during construction and afterwards? Will there be much disruption due to construction? Will that be noisy and how noisy will the operation be? When will the full Environmental Impact Assessment be done? etc etc ... ?






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