(N73) London Metropolitan Archive - (LMA) of the CRYSTAL PALACE CAMPAIGN - Report 25/11/2014

Once begun, it took about two years, off and on, for the Crystal Palace Campaign(CPC) to get all its records organised. Records which began on 28 May 1997 when the CPC was started in response to the announcement by Bromley Council at Anerley Town Hall that they had given full planning permission to a 20-cinema multiplex building. This building, variously named but "aircraft terminal"* was probably the favourite, was to occupy a large chunk of the Pallace Terrace at the high level end of the park along Crystal Palace Parade.

The LMA agreed to accept all the records - much appreciated by the CPC supporters since they felt it was, indeed, a very important campaign not only to rescue Crystal Palace Park but also to provide inspiration for others.

The LMA recently announced their completion of the cataloguing and Jeff Gerhardt (of the LMA) wrote a brief history of the Campaign - LINK to LMA and the article. Also link to copy of the article on this website (for future archive purposes).

For the record and for fun, here are a few pictures (waiting in storage for just this moment) charting the progress of the CPC papers...

A sunny Friday, 1 June 2007, current Chair and current Hon. Sec., Ray and Viv, deliver the goods (to Richard Wiltshire, LMA) and sign the papers.

Little boxes, litttle boxes, little boxes all the same...**

Head box...(of about 54)

Cool chair...***

Hon. Sec. hands over head box...

Hon. Sec. hands over TooT...

Hot chair...

Contracts must be signed..

A warning....

The archives were then accepted by the London Metropolitan Archive, where you will find them under the references given in the LMA article - see links above.



* this is probably unfair to the well designed buildings of today!
** for Pete Seeger fans
***apologies for chair's circumference


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