(A43) Seasons Greetings December 2013 - January 2014


Joseph Paxton - card 13/14

"All the very best for the New Year and season's greetings to my web and park visitors. 2014 will be a significant year in the history of the park. No doubt the principle focus will be on the ZhongRong proposition to rebuild the people's palace in the spirit of the original. Is a direct copy of the original in the spirit of Joseph Paxton's innovative, cutting edge, architectural triumph of 1854? Or will something fresh emerge on the approximately 15 acres of parkland it will consume? Quite a tall order for the selected architect.

"Enjoy the new year and keep a watch over this important 200 acre open space we call Crystal Palace Park."


PS-The original Joseph Paxton picture will reappear in the new year; it has been our signature since we began in 1997.

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