(B2) The Crystal Palace Corner Project

Notes by John Greatrex - 22 January 2008

The Crystal Palace Corner Project aims to erect a reproduction of a corner element of the original Crystal Palace building on the hilltop site of Crystal Palace Park...

In late 1936 the Crystal Palace was destroyed by fire.

In 1937 scrap metal merchants removed the remains of the ironwork.

Well not quite all ! In 1941 Brunel's Water Towers were demolished.

In the foreground lies the demolished North Water Tower. But behind it near the trees the last few columns of the Crystal Palace remain - a lonely Crystal Palace Corner © silhouetted on the skyline of a South London hilltop.

The last part of Paxton's Palace to go!

This same, cast iron, Paxton designed, iconic shape

to return to the site three quarters of a century later !

This is the aim.


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telephone: 020 8778 1865

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