(B33) Crystal Palace Station - Friday 29 May 2009

There's a lot of talk about Crystal Palace - here's the action...

Station label

CRYSTAL PALACE STATION - If you're thirsty on arrival, try the local pubs... fancyapint... nearest is the Paxton Arms Hotel re-opened in 1955 having been demolished by a V1 bomb in the summer of 1944.

new platform location

This is where the new platform will be built.

plan from application

New platform - plans


Shifting sleepers to provide working space

Stack moved from foreground to background

Ready bagged material (cement ?)

electrical 3rd rail

The third rail

new location

The new platform will fit between these two existing platforms 3 and 4

The 1143 to Victoria

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Pictures by Ray S 29/05/09 Last Updated 31/05/09