(B34) The PINK Land - Friday 2 August 2013


composite plan of parade areas


Zone areas:

Palace footprint = 576,000 ft2

Pink land = 407,000 ft2 - Crystal Palace Act(1990)

Green land = 196,000 ft2 - Crystal Palace Act(1990)

North transept (lost, not shown) = 60,000 ft2


Total original Palace footprint = 636,000 ft2







1 - areas given in ft2 since original drawings were in that unit; convert to m2, divide by 10.76.

2 - recently a figure of "900,000 ft2" was quoted in various articles on the Palace w.r.t. the proposed rebuild by ZhongRong Holdings. This figure is actually the area of glass used in the building not its footprint.

3 - the Crystal Palace Act (1990) allowed building on half of the pink land i.e., say, 200,000 ft2 about 30% of the original building. No building is permitted on the green land so the footprint which is on the green land could not be built.

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