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from their website 30 April 2009 - actual publication date not know (probably late 2008)

The Crystal Palace park and sports facilities will remain in public ownership.


How the park is managed is another question and we are investigating a number of options by looking at what has worked elsewhere and what would be best for Crystal Palace.

The LDA took over the lease for the sports centre in summer 2006 but the park is currently run by Bromley. In 2009 the park lease is to be reviewed. The LDA will then have the option to own the lease for the park and either appoint a single contractor to manage the park and sports or separate contractors for each.

Another option is to create a Trust, separate from both the LDA and Bromley Council, who would decide park policy and oversee a management team to run the contracts for the park and sports facilities.

Funding for the Park

The long term implementation costs of the master planning designs for the park will need to be found from a mix of private and public money. The public contribution will be limited. This means that any large-scale works would need commercial investment.

As with the sports facilities, we will be looking for a sustainable option that does not involve significant revenue subsidies.

Funding for Sport

Any decision about what happens with the sports facilities will depend, in part, upon the funding available. Discussions are currently taking place with potential sources of capital funding. We still need to secure funding for capital works and this may be public, private or a mix of the two.

On the revenue side, the sports facilities currently make a loss of £2 million a year and this is unsustainable. It is unlikely that public money will be available to provide significant subsidies for sports facilities in the future.

Penge entrance tree avenue

Penge Entrance - avenue of trees

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