(B35) 20 October 2013 - Crystal Palace Park, "Corner Project" - Planning Applications

Crystal Palace Corner

A reproduction of some elements of the Crystal Palace cast iron work were put together to form a "corner shape" which was erected on the top terrace* of the park and inaugurated on 7th June 2008 [see Item N28 and N29]. It is located on a section of the ground in an elevated position easily seen from Crystal Palace Parade and far beyond.

The first planning application was submitted on the 14 May 2004. It took four years to get the funds and the castings organised (amongst other things) but the installation was finally completed with the approval and support of just about everyone.

All the relevant documents are listed here:

corner-04-1 Original planning application 04/01823 - proposal: “Erection for one year of a replica corner of Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace Exhibition Hall of 1851 on the former site of the Hall
corner-04-2 Detailed engineering drawing of a column and column head
corner-04-3 Application decision - granted 17 May 2004
corner-04-4 Plan showing the proposed location of the corner in the park
corner-04-5 Schematic location drawing
corner-04-6 Location of the corner - detail from map [my picture]
corner-04-7 Corner detailed location on site plan
corner-05-1 Detailed drawing of column and column head, foundations, location fixings etc. 05/01506
corner-06-1 Notification of renewal of planning application 5 May 2006
corner-06-2 (my) Picture of web summary
corner-06-3 Proposal decision (granted) corner allowed to stay on site until 31st May 2009
corner-06-4 Renewal notification 5 May 2006
corner-09-1 Renewal application09/00119 - before expiry of 31 May 2009 deadline for removal

Dedicated decision 10 March 2009 - retention approved as follows:

Having had regard to the above it is considered that the permanent retention of the structure is acceptable. The 10 year period requested would be tantamount to a permanent permission, and following a “trial period” granted by the limited period condition of the previous permission, no planning objection is seen to permanent planning permission being granted.”

corner-09-3 Notification of grant of application
corner-09-4 (my) Picture of web summary

I have recently been reminded of the effort put in by many people, particularly John Greatrex (Great Exhibitions Ltd) and so decided to put these documents here for reference.

[Ed. note the wording of the item corner-09-02]



*named the Palace Terrace (Zone B) in the Master Plan submitted to Bromley Council in November 2007

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