(L.55) Community Project Fund - Invitation for Panelists

The GLA put forward a 10-Point Plan for the park. It was first proposed at the Community Conference of 26 October 2012 - see Item 4. Ultimately we now have £2.4 million to finance some elements of the Master Plan. Of that £240,000 are available (via Bromley Council) to distribute to local community groups in grants from £100 to £20,000.

Environment and Community Services at Bromley Council are administering the appointment of a panel to review grant applications and are looking for applicants.

Their formal invitation can be found at this LINK.

If you're interested in becoming one of the panelists, there is information in the link above.

At this stage we do not have the format for applications for the grants themselves.


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13/2/15 Last Updated 13/2/15