(L.2) Bromley London Borough Council (Crystal Palace) c.xvii
Act 1990



1990 CHAPTER xvii


An Act to provide for the leasing of land at Crystal
Palace. [29th June 1990]



( 1 ) The Crystal Palace and Park, comprising approximately 200 acres, were vested in the London County Council by virtue of the London County Council (Crystal Palace) Act 1951:

1951 c.xxviii
(2) By the Local Government Reorganisation (Property etc.) Order 1986 the Crystal Palace and Park were transferred to the London borough of Bromley:
S.l. 1986/148
(3) The London borough of Bromley is under the management and local government of the Bromley Borough Council (hereinafter called "the Council"):
(4) It is expedient that the Council should be empowered to lease land at Crystal Palace and Park to promote the use and enjoyment of the said Crystal Palace and Park by the public:
(5) The purposes of this Act cannot be effected without the authority of Parliament:
(6) In relation to the promotion of the Bill for this Act the requirements of section 239 of the Local Government Act 1972 have been observed:
1972 c.70











[p2] c. xvii Bromley London Borough Council (Crystal Palace)
Act 1990

May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted, and be it enacted, by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same as follows that is to say:-

1. This Act may be cited as the Bromley London Borough Council (Crystal Palace) Act 1990.
Short title
2. In this Act -
"the Act of 1951" means the London County Council (Crystal Palace) Act 1951;
1951 c. xxviii

"the Council" means the council of the London borough of Bromley;
"Crystal Palace and Park" has the same meaning as in the Act of 1951;
"the green land" and "the pink land" mean the land delineated on the signed plan and thereon shown coloured green and pink respectively;
"the relevant land" means the green land and the pink land, being land vested in, controlled and managed by the Council and forming part of the Crystal Palace and Park;
"the signed plan" means the plan signed in triplicate by Mr. Graham Allen the Chairman of the Committee of the House of Commons to whom the Bill for this Act was referred, one copy of which has been deposited at each of the following offices:-

(a) the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments, House of Lords;
(b) the Private Bill Office, House of Commons; and
(c) the office of the Borough Secretary of the Council.

3.-(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of the Act of 1951 or of any other enactment the Council may, for the purpose of or in connection with the provision of an hotel, restaurant, shops, licensed premises, leisure facilities, entertainment facilities or other associated uses on such terms and conditions as may be agreed-

(a ) lease all or any of the relevant land for a term not exceeding 125 years;
(b) grant easements, rights, privileges or licences as may be required-
(i) for the provision of underground services, and
(ii) for the emergency services; in respect of land within the Crystal Palace and Park.

(2) Nothing in this section shall authorise the provision of an hotel, restaurant, shops, licensed premises, leisure facilities, entertainment facilities or other associated uses on the green land.

(3) Not more than one-half of the total area of the pink land may be covered with buildings which, but for the provisions of this Act, may not be constructed on the pink land

Land at Crystal Palace
4. The principal building to be constructed in any development of the pink land consequent upon the provisions of this Act shall reflect the architectural style of the original Crystal Palace.
Construction of buildings

5.-1) There shall be access without charge for the public from Crystal Palace Parade to the public area of the Crystal Palace and Park.

(2) The access so provided shall be open to the public when the public area of Crystal Palace and Park is open to the public.

(3) The above provisions shall apply unless the Council gives its prior consent in writing to the temporary closure of this route.

Access for the public

Crown Copyright 1990
ISBN O 10 511790 0

Ed. note: the above is the full verbatim text of the Act.

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L2 - Appendix

At a Bromley Council Development Committee an 'undertaking' was approved which seems to effectively become an addendum to the 1990 Act above.

The details are set out in Appendix B.2 of a report to the Development Control Committee on 06.06.99* regarding application ref. 99/00155 for the details pursuant of the Ian Ritchie scheme.

*[Ed. The document/page containing the text is labelled "HHUD 9 March 1998 crh, page 30". This page is numbered, on one copy, (by hand) B.2.3; B.2.1 and B.2.2 are the Act of 1990 itself and B.2.4 is a plan, probably part of the Act itself, showing the Pink and Green land - see below). It is possible that the document was prepared on 9 March 1998 and only came before the Development Committee on 6 June 1999, being bundled with the Act itself for that meeting.]

The planning application referred to, ref. 99/00155, has the following information on the Bromley Planning website (as of 11/6/2011):

99/00155/DET details pursuant to Outline permission 9700858 granted for the development of leisure and recreational facilities car park deck and associated ramps and surface car parking at site of former Crystal Palace
Application received 25 Jan 1999
Status Approved
Property Former Crystal Palace Site Crystal Palace Parade Anerley London SE19 1UE

Undertaking - full text of the Appendix page B.2.3 referred to above:


Expressions defined in the Bill and used in these undertakings have the meanings given in the Bill.

Style of Building
If a building is constructed in the implementation of the Bill, the Council as Planning Authority shall require that the building should contain a predominance of glass and metal or similar materials and that the building should reflect the spirit of the original Crystal Palace.
Public Space

(a) Save insofar as the green land is used in accordance with section 3(3) of the London County Council (Crystal Palace) Act 1951 or any other statutory provisions, the green land, suitably landscaped, will be available for use by the public or part of the park when the public area of Crystal Palace and Park is open to the public.
(b) If the development proposed in Planning Application No. 89/1690 proceeds, landscaped car-parking areas and theme gardens, for setting off the hotel, will be contained within the pink land.

Exhibition Space
In consultation with the Crystal Palace Foundation the Council shall require that any development of the relevant land carried out pursuant to the provisions of this Bill shall include provision of exhibition space on the history of the Palace and park”.


Site Plan - page B.2.4 in the Appendix

plan referred to in CP Act 1990

The illegible text in the top left-hand corner reads (as near as possible);

THE SIGNED PLAN referred to in the Bromley
London Borough Council (Crystal Palace) Act 1989

Chairman of the Committee of the House
of Commons to whom the Bill for the
said Act was referred


[Ed. Note there is no actual signature present; the page is numbered at the bottom "31"]

Other constraints (information from the Crystal Palace Park Planning Framework, October 2005; page 29; prepared for the Master PLan)

Metropolitan Open Land Designation (MOL)

Metropolitan Open Land - Crystal Palace park


Acts of Parliament and other designations - summary

Various other constraints on CPP


key to constraints map

The dotted area, which contains the National Sports Centre (NSC) and adjoining land, is designated as a Major Developed Site (MDS)...

"this means that redevelopment in accordance with the criteria set out in PPG2 Annex C within the MDS is permitted provided the development does not have any greater impact on the MOL than the existing development and all other policy guidance is followed."

- Planning Frame work page 30


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