(P124) TAKE FIVE - sixth formers

- Croydon Advertiser, 12 September 2003 (The People's pole)

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone believes Crystal Palace National Sports Centre should form part of the UK's 2012 Olympic Games bid. But the 40-year old complex needs millions of pounds of improvements. We asked five sixth formers at Archbishop Tennyson School in South Croydon whether they thought it would be money well spent

Chrissy Lay, 16 - from Coulsdon

"All these millions of pounds could be spent on improving schools schools and hospitals which are much better causes. For example the school here needs money spent on it. We could use it to expand our sixth form centre which is very overcrowded."

Liz Ecob, 16 - from Sanderstead

"I think the money would be better spent going to schools and hospitals. Sport is entertainment and I don't think it is as important as education and health. You could use the money for medical research to find a cure for cancer."

Mark Jenkins, 16 - from Shirley

"You could give the money to other causes but then there's no entertainment and life would become very humdrum. If you invest millions in athletics then you will generate money which an be invested into education, healthcare facilities and caring for old people."

Simon Camp, 16 - from Bromley

I think they should invest in the Crystal Palace sports centre as it will be very good for London and will bring tourism to the surrounding area. The money they generate could then be put back into the public transport system."

Robert Kyei, 16 - from Purley

"Personally I feel we should invest money into athletics as it is an historic sport dating back to the Greeks. Athletics doesn't get as much credibility as much as football and rugby. A better stadium at Crystal Palace could help establish Croydon and expand it as a city."

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