(P.62) - Multiplex future is now in doubt

Croydon Guardian, 9 November 2000

The proposed multiplex development at Crystal Palace has been placed in jeopardy following a decision by the European Commission.

The borough of Bromley and the UK government have both received a letter of formal notice from the Commission over their failure to carry out a prior Enviromnental Impact Assessment (EIA). The letter also claims that there were "considerable flaws" in the consultants' report on which Bromley relied when deciding that there was no need for an EIA prior to granting planning permission in 1998. The decision comes after an 18 month investigation by the Commission following a complaint by the Crystal Palace Campaign.

Philip Kolvin, chairman of the campaign, said: "This is an auspicious day for the Crystal Palace Campaign, but until this multiplex is halted our vigorous campaign continues."

The government now has two months to reply to the Commission's letter. This means that plans to begin construction in the new year have been called into doubt.

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